Monday, July 24, 2006


Man how often do i forget what its about.

I've been stuck in bed for nearly two weeks now, the doctors say its a "viral infection" (aka- dunno). I am getting better so i'm not vomiting everywhere. But satill can't realy get up and be active!

So this is now the first summer in 12 years i missed camp, i went to camp, got converted at camp, had soo much spritual imput on camp and i now lead on camp. I was atculay looking forward to it this year. I even got myself qualified as a Kayak coach so i could be of more use.....
.. but i'm not going.

But as i said, its not about how many camps i do, God can work without me. Whislt i mouch about in the stuff i'm missing and what i could be doing i need to rember its not about me doing Camp its about God.

Man i sooo need to learn this lesson !!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sound Advice:

Watching Top gear the other day they had challange on. Buying an italian super car for less than the price of a second hand mondeo (£10 k). They had to do various challanges and they all basicly had serrious problems and fell apart.
what follows is my conversation with my Dad and his sage advice-

me: atcualy although not as reliable, it would be fun to own a old italian super car, make it yours fix it up etc

dad: you don't want to do that. They'll cost you the earth and break you heart.

me:... oh


dad: its the same with Itailian women, they cost you the earth and will break you heart. Better off with the mondeo.

Wise advice from my dad. Just one last question, what sort of woman is the equivilent of a mondeo????

Monday, July 17, 2006

have you ever met an invisable man? if so how did you know? (if not how can you be sure!)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Top 10 Greatest Baddies:

1) Alan Rickman- DIE HARD
2) Alan Rickman- Sheriff of Nottingham
3) Dath Vader
4) Arnie- The Terminator
5) Ming The Merciless
6) T-Rex
7) Hannibal Lector
8) Sean Bean in Goldeneye
9) Agent Smith (the Matrix)
10) Sideshow Bob (the simpsons)

I was at my ex-housemates wedding yesterday (3 down 1 to go this summer!) It was as always wonderful. However we sang 'here is love' and there were 4 verses. I had never sang the last wo and the words were amazing. So for those who havent seen them before i thought i'd blog them up:

Let us all His love accepting
Love Him ever all our days
Let us seek His Kingdom only
And our lives be to His praise
He alone shall be our glory
Nothing in the world we see
He has cleansed and sanctified us
He Himself has set us free

In His truth He does direct me
By His Spirit through His Word
And His grace my need is meeting
As I trust in Him, my Lord
All His fullness He is pouring
In His love and power in me
Without measure
Full and boundless
As I yield myself to Thee

Friday, July 14, 2006

If I were a....

so i am now unemployed and waiting to hear back from the police force. I got thinking what would be my top 5 jobs if i could go and do anything:

1) Army Pardre (Chaplin)

2) Top Gear presenter

3) Film Critic

4) Surfing instructer in Austrailia

5) Author

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


so its all over, Relay has finnished what now in my life and travels? well there is a lot in the short term, missions, camps, weddings (1st 3 weekends in july!!) kayaking etc. However it all stops in August. What then?

well i've applied to the police and that takes absolutly ages like 6-9 months so i'm back home at my parents house facing the joys of temp work in an enviroemnt where i'm not going to be tr4eated as i normaly am and is also not going to last.

After all the excitement to relay 3 thinking about workplace ministry i was all fired up to launch into the next phrase of God's big plan for my life, excited and ready. However God is saying wait. so i'll wait.

Playing this song by the beautiful south kinda summed up my feeling about leaving friends to live at home:
Do you know where I'm gonna go?
None of you have guessed, so none of you can know
If you've been, that's not where I mean
It's got class and it's got excellence like you've never seen

Your town is dragging me down
Dragging me down, down, down
Your town is dragging me down
Dragging me down, down, down

in retro spect i can look over team days and find some comfort. We were looking at moses and the piont came up that between chapters 2 and 3 of Exodus there is a gap of 40 years, the piont being there is normality in life, God uses that time to form us and shape us for the next stage/challange/trial/unexpected event that will come our way.

As i write this i think i see things a bit more clearly,, hands up it was just meant to be a moan with the sarcastic song, but God has bought to mind team days trainign and its meaning and indeed challange.

I face a period of uncertain waiting in between relay and whever i go.
will i trust God?
will i carry on in disipline and growing in Christ?
will i continue to live by grace?

all those who read and know me please challange me as i want the answers to the above to be YES !