Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do Balrogs Have wings ?

This may seem a funny question but it has been around for… well since Tolkien wrote Lord of the wings. I came across this at my A-levels, writing a piece of research on Tolkien. the balrog is a mythical daemon that they fight in Moria, in the recent film it is the most famous part of the whole trilogy and is depicted with wings. There is a lot of debate out there! if your interested in finding out more try:

and the external links has even more hardcore essays on the subject. Anyone fancy a MA on Balrogisum?

More ways to waste your day from Jonny :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GANDALF and PIPPIN sit on stone steps . . . Both
covered in sweat and grime, bone-weary from fighting,
spirits and hearts bruised . . .
             I didn't think it would end this way . . .
 GANDALF: (gently):
             End? No, the journey doesn't end here.
PIPPIN looks up at GANDALF, questioningly . . . .
GANDALF: Death is just another path, one that we all
must take.
ANGLE ON: GANDALF looks down to see PIPPIN looking
up at him with fear in his eyes . . .
GANDALF: (remembering)
The grey rain curtain of this world rolls
back and all turns to silver glass . . .
(to himself)
and then you see it . . .
ANGLE ON: GANDALF breaks off, lost in reverie . . .
What, Gandalf? See what?
White shores ... And beyond . . . A far green
country under a swift sunrise.
PIPPIN stares up at the OLD WIZARD'S FACE, softened
quiet and full of peace . . .
Well, that isn't so bad.
No . . . No, it isn't.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Man who throws ball


Dog who fetches



So many might have noticed my absence, but that was explained in the previous blog post. So I’d thought I’d share some randomness from my trip across the ocean.

Day 1: in cinema seeing the pursuit of happiness when the lights come on and there is an announcement that a tornado has been sighted please evacuate the cinema and proceed to the tornado shelter, please do not leave the mall. Like day 1!!!

Visiting a southern Baptist church, it was big, the worship hall could have fitted my whole church site in (or close to at least). Preaching was good glad the gospel is the same in the US

Bookstores, the main bookstore has Christian books in, like ones you would want to read!

Food, I had root beer, American beer (yes it is as bad as everyone thinks). Taco bell, authentic Mexican, American burgers, dinner milkshakes, homemade fudge, and southern fried chicken

Texas being famous for the Wild West meant we went to the historic stockyards, got to see a Rodeo, funnier was the reaction of Lindsey and her mum going into the rodeo and smelling the air. Saw calf lassoing, stunt riding, bull riding and the works. Also got to try on cowboy stuff 

Cars, all the cars are bigger, the roads are bad. Many many trucks on the road, but petrol is about 1/3 of the price, it costs the same in petrol to run a gas guzzling truck as it did my fiesta. Also saw a beautiful 65” mustang being done up/

New years, spent time with some of Lindsey’s family friends in a huge house, really Texan people playing poker and pool.

Films saw night at the museum, the pursuit of happiness and children of me. Children of men was really good but made me homesick as it is all filmed on location in Kent and London.

Culture, went to see the bodyworlds exhibit. If you get the opportunity see it, yes they are real bodies but my word you see just how good God is in his making of the human body!!!

Shopping, I gave in and bought cheap Oakleys, not that I will have a chance to use them much in wet England but I am weak.

Overall it was a good trip, but now its back to reality and time to get work!