Monday, February 26, 2007


Don’t you hate it when you lose things, and even more the advice you get when you try to find them. More often than not its always my fault when I lose things and leave them in my room only to get buried under mounds of other things that are waiting their turn to get lost. In the end I find them and they are where I left them (surprised? Didn’t think so).

However recently my Pastor was preaching and he used this same situation to bring out a point about our daily walk with God. Do we feel as if we lost God? Do we feel as if we are missing something in our faith? If the answer is yes then we should examine our lives. Has anything changed? When was the last time we felt close to God? When you identify that time compare now to then, have you stopped doing anything (or perhaps started doing something) different? If you stopped reading your bible then start, have you stopped praying, start have you stopped meeting with God’s people, start! Often its when we stop these routine activities and get caught up in other things that God seems distant to us, try going back to those necessary activities to find what you lost.

Often it is the case that when we lose something its where we left it, the best thing about God is he will never leave us and he is infinitely patient. Often he is just waiting for us, calling to us to come back to him. I may go all over the place BUT God’s going nowhere!


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