Saturday, December 23, 2006


So with all this cold and fog there are still things outdoors that need to be done, like walking the dogs. Now I like doing this I often walk in the woods and reflect, think, or just drink in the beauty of the woods. Last week I was walking in the woods and being honest things wernt/arnt that good with me. I was in a stretch of the woods, tired and down. And I just stopped waiting to hear from God (I did ask first).

I looked behind me and saw the corner I had come around in the distance, the sunset glow spilling from the direction I came to cast a golden shadow onto the path. Looking around me it was dim and muddy and cold, looking a ahead I could see the well known path but it was obscured by fog and the lack of light. Then for a moment I caught a glimpse of another dog walker in the distance before he was again swallowed by the fog.

This bought a few things to my mind. Looking back, I had come round a corner from light into dark, I could see where I had come from, but I couldn’t go back, that wasn’t the way to go. There was light in my life but now things have got darker. Looking at where I was, it is not a place to stop, its dark and hard and muddy. My path at the moment is difficult, but the path is also well trodden (hence all the mud). Two things here first, this is a well used path, we all live (or lived) and there is nothing new under the sun. People have been through what I have been through and yet have made it out the other end, the path is hard but its not impossible. Second I have been this way before, many of those footprints are mine and I know this path. I have been to some dark places previously in my life and I have got through them, I know that my life now is not as bad and I can cope by experience.

Lastly the distance, looking onwards I cant see where the path goes. I don’t know what my future holds at the moment uncertainty and foggy. But I do know that the woods end and then I can go home. Likewise this life will end at some piont in the (hopefully) distant future and I can go home, the woods arnt endless I just cant see the end. Also the figure in the distance, he has gone ahead of me, he has been down the path and is going before me. Jesus had done everything I need, he is my guide on my path and I can follow him, when the fog and dark descends he can disappear from sight, because you cant see him doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

I can look back and worry over better times gone and what I have lost, I can look down and get bogged in the present and my emotions and see a helpless situation. I can look forward and fear as I cant see the way . Or I can trust through experience and knowledge that the endless foggy darkness will end and where I am is not where I will be forever and walk on in the knowledge that I have a Lord who has gone before me and will get me home.


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