Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Experiencing God's sovergienty Part III, an unexpected incident:

So this was meant to be a post on my unemployed situation, however events changed it.

Last Wednesday I crashed my car, like totally!!! Going down to Cornwall for a week to do some bits around our property there, anyway after 6 ½ hours travelling we left the dual carriageway onto the country roads. Going around one corner about 35 I realised that I was going too fast and too wide, I put on my breaks and steered in. However my back skidded out and I spun about 90 degrees to face the hedgerow (Cornish ones are normally stone!) which I promptly steered away from but my back again slammed into the hedge, I hit the verge and the car went over. The car rolled over onto the drivers side which made the window shatter, then onto the roof where it stopped in the middle of the road.

So then alls quiet, I’m hanging upside down in the car, this is a really novel experience, however I don’t suggest you try it, just go to Alton towers! first I wonder if I’m alright, yup all seems like I can move, but my cousin hasn’t said anything its soo quite. I ask if he’s okay he replies he is, and we stay upside down. I then suggest we might release our seatbelts, we do and land in the car (me on all the glass!. I put the hazards on and think... we need to get out the car, I ask is Chris can get his door open, he cant. I try mine, I have to kick it open. Then we crawl out the car. Then we stand there in the dark looking at the car. All I can think of is it’s a dream, it must be a dream, I didn’t roll my car. Then I look and realise its real. DAMN ! And only 8 miles from out destination.

So we’re out and a friendly guy phones the ambulance (a not so friendly woman informs us she phoned the police). I now check myself and find I’m dripping blood all over the road, and my arm is sore. Checking it in the headlights of the not so friendly woman’s car who seems much put out she has to turn on her lights it looks okay if bloody. The ambulance arrives and the most awesum Cornish dude gets me in and starts checking me out. He makes jokes, gently rebukes, calms us, and gives me a shoulder to (literally) cry on. Reminding us we are alive! The main thing they were after is if I was drinking (a firm no). The police arrive, take my details breathalyse me, and then take the car away as they have no more interest, I’m insured, I’m sober no more to it.

Then of to hospital after as much stuff is retrieved as possible, including one of my fog lights!. After a wait I get seen, and what follows can only be described as torture! One hours of arm scrubbing and glass removal and stitches (13 ow ow ow!!). Interestingly I have unusually tough skin, good in some way, bad when being stitched. I always knew I was a thick skinned individual! 13 stitches and 5 shots of local anesthic later we are let go. We arrive back at our destination at 12am. 13 ¾ hours journey, a new record.

So what was that all about.

Well a lot to thank God for, only my arm was hurt, I mean I rolled a car, not many people say they’ve done that and walked out of it. Again thankfully God is in control. I AM ALIVE !!!

At the same time if God is in control why did he let me roll the car??

A lot of factors were in this, road conditions (wet and muddy as we found out later when looking back at it) my driving and tiredness not bad but could have been better.

Its just a whole muddy cauldron of “what2 and “why”. But thinking about God’s sovereignty this does reaffirm he in control, and I will have scars to remind me if I forget. I guess most of this I am still working through, I am very shaken up from it, but I suppose I can find comfort in the fact my work on this planet Is not done, God doesn’t want me to be with him yet.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Sarah Brown said...

mate, im so glad you're ok. makes you think doesn't it! Grief! God obviously has more work for you to be doing young man!

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Kath said...

I'm glad God still wants you around. :)

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Jonny:) said...

yeah me too!!!!!


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