Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three Practical experances of God's sovergienty
(Part 2)

This post is about an experience but it really isn’t mine. As I visited Sam last Thursday I was again reminded of God’s sovereignty.

Sam (he will be the first to admit) is not the most organised or time conscious person. So as relay began to approach its final term he had yet to do anything about jobs. However word alive approached. A fun (albeit cold) time for all). Sam chose to attend some of the “Godly man” seminars by Kent Hughes. In the second seminar being a godly man in the workplace they were split into small groups within the seminar. In this group Sam met a guy to did computer and software engineering, the same thing as Sam did his degree in. They got talking and went to coffee. It turned out this guy had his own business and was looking to recruit, he gave Sam his card and asked for his CV.

Now Sam being Sam waited a long time before handing in his CV, it happened that when he did do it the guy and his wife had been praying the night before for him and for his CV to arrive. Sam had his interview and got offered the Job.

Now if that was enough Sam’s fiancée’ Rosie also was looking for speech therapy jobs, they were hoping she would find somewhere that they could keep in close contact as relay had been a challenge with distance. Rosie applied for some, got some rejections but got a job in Watford…. where Sam had just got his job.

It amazes me that in the space of a month Sam and Rosie can both get jobs in the same area. Also the circumstances around Sam’s job are amazing. You can see God setting up people in places, using prayer and managing to use Sam despite his bad time keeping !!!!!!1

So application, well it seems if God can do all this for his children I know I can trust him in my present circumstances. I can see God’s full control over all this and am assured and comforted by it.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger hatchris said...

Hey Jonny, not read your blog in ages!
Thats really encouraging to be reminded of those circumstances and God's general in-controlness, when finding a job and a place to live when I'm married (eep!) in July are looking difficult.
I know God has a plan!
Cheers buddy. Hope you are keeping well.


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