Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Delusion Of Absolute Power:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Well I’ve been thinking on that recently. Reading one of my favourite books with a guy with either a big axe or a big sword fights a even bigger bad guy with an even bigger axe or sword to rescue the helpless damsel in distress who is his childhood sweetheart who lived in the village along with some form of self revelation yadda yadda yadda. Anyway in the particular book I was reading it had an evil queen who used to be a good character but became evil because he had absolute power. That made me think.

Does absolute power really corrupt? in the story it seamed to be used as an excuse to say that deep down she was a nice person. And I think more on what we see, Hitler, Stalin, Nero, and other dictators. We use these as examples to show what power does when it goes unchecked. We do not condone or excuse the actions but we also say the “power” they wielded had a part to play.

Does anyone have absolute power? Yes God, is he corrupt… NO! he is good and pure. This makes me think when people on this earth have great power they abuse it, Yet God has even more power and He is Good, then therefore the problem is not the power influencing us and corrupting us but instead Us using and corrupting our power.

Absolute power doesn’t corrupt us, we are already broken and corrupt. The power is just an extreme outlet for what’s inside ourselves that we would rather not see. All that vile, bitter, hateful emotions and our fallen humanity. The greater the power the more opportunity for our corrupt selves to be expressed.

We say power corrupts, why? Its because we are unwilling to face the fact that the evil done by men who have power is the same evil lurking in potential under our surfaces. We don’t want to see or admit we have a flaw in us so we look for reasons outside our fallen nature to explain evil. We see mass evil done by rulers and men with power and we want to give it a cause that is apart from our broken selves, we seek to blame the absolute power for corrupting men to do the evil we see. We delude ourselves to our own condition.

Absolute power does not corrupt us

A fallen nature corrupts power.


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