Sunday, November 12, 2006

3 pratical experances of God's sovergienty (and thier aplications)
part I

What follows is an account of last week:

I nearly hit a kid in my car. I was driving down the windy roads of Tunbridge wells to sainsburies, I had finished work so I was tired. It was a 30 zone but I was doing 24, which is slow for a road that I know, I am often round there at 30 as its normally clear and few cars on the road. I was coming round the corner past the bus stops and heading to the roundabout. Suddenly a kid runs out into the road, must have been what 12 or sumthing, but he runs and stumbles and gets up and looks at me and legs it. I slammed on my brakes stopping in time and gave him a blast of my horn. Stupid stupid stupid kid. I mean he ran our and stumbled. it was lucky I saw him!

what if I was going faster, even at 30 could I have stopped?

what if I had been checking my mirrors and missed him step out?

what if I had been looking down the road to the roundabout?

what if I had been not paying attention?

what if I had left a few seconds earlier?

what if It had been another driver?

what if he had properly fell instead of stumbling?

what if I was looking at the other side of the road?

what if my reactions (which are good) were not as good?

what if I had had a car fault?

what if the kid was smaller?

what if the kid hesitated and ran out a few seconds later?

what if

what if

what if?

There is no reason on this earth that all that happened by co-incidence, on any other day that kid could be in hospital… or worse, why why why did it all go right?

Yes I was scared and shook up all day, yes I was exceedingly angry at the stupid kid, I mean things like that put life in perspective, it was lucky I saw him coz he ran out stumbled and was under my field of vision. shock.

It made me reflect. There has to be a sovereign God, I mean NO WAY should that have happened. There is a God and he is in control. it’s a hard lesson to learn, a lesson I often forget and a lesson I have to be constantly reminded of. Life, all life is in God's control, he chose to let that kid live, he chose to let me not hit that kid. Life all life is under God's control and rule.

It is also a lesson I need to live out and believe not just acknowledge.

more to follow.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Garbage: Why let one 10 year old walk unscathed and the next one receives head injuries which turns them into a dribbling vegetable for the rest of their life? God's Sovereignty?

There is no god. People get killed and injured on the roads every day. Equally there are those who have near misses. There is no requirement or evidence for divine intervention. In fact, if you believe god is acting on that scale then it makes God so spiteful and cruel that any sane person would want nothing to do with him. There is no God, free yourself from this dogma and see life for what it is. Religion separates and isolates, shrug off the chains of your brainwashing.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Jonny:) said...

I see my life as something the loving almighty God is active in. It is comforting to know. As for WHY God would save someone and not another, may i suggest you try reading
"where is God when it hurts" By Philip Yancey. I found this particularly helpful when i been through darker times in my life and questioned my faith. Also Roger Carlswell has written some good material on this.


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