Thursday, October 19, 2006

All over the world the message is the same:

This weekend I was in Germany visiting my girlfriend. Part of the experience was going to Church with her on Sunday. Obviously being in Germany the service was in German, so I sat through an 40 minute sermon in German. Now my German is not really that extensisive, 1 year at secondary school!

Anyway throughout the sermon I was picking up parts. The phrases I heard were “Jesus is the way” and “follow him”. It struck me that yeah I relay did not understand what the guy was saying but the parts I could understand reassured me, the message we preach here is the same as they preach there. In fact the message we have is a global message that is reaching across the world.

Strange to imagine that one day there were a few scared men and women sitting in a upper room fearing for their lives, yet unknowing about the wonderful thing that had happened. Then Their lord and saviour appeared to them. He did not speak English yet it was then the message of hope began. The difference was it was for the world and not just the Jews.

From there the message spread, it went out on Pentecost one message in lots of languages so that all might hear. Many many were converted. From Palestine to Rome, from Rome to the known world.

So today I sit on Sunday in church in Tunbridge wells and I know that in Germany the same message of salvation is going out. Jesus is the way, follow him


At 11:43 PM, Blogger Timmy C said...

amen to that bro :)


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