Monday, July 24, 2006


Man how often do i forget what its about.

I've been stuck in bed for nearly two weeks now, the doctors say its a "viral infection" (aka- dunno). I am getting better so i'm not vomiting everywhere. But satill can't realy get up and be active!

So this is now the first summer in 12 years i missed camp, i went to camp, got converted at camp, had soo much spritual imput on camp and i now lead on camp. I was atculay looking forward to it this year. I even got myself qualified as a Kayak coach so i could be of more use.....
.. but i'm not going.

But as i said, its not about how many camps i do, God can work without me. Whislt i mouch about in the stuff i'm missing and what i could be doing i need to rember its not about me doing Camp its about God.

Man i sooo need to learn this lesson !!


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