Friday, February 10, 2006

Biblical Babes???
So in the Uni Cu we’ve been going thru Ruth, I also decided to go thru it with one of the colleges I work with. You can get quite a lot from Ruth it is such an amazing book. Anyhows, I was prepping the first Chapter and reading about Ruth and her response to Naomi about leaving I was like… wow I wish I could have married Ruth. Then it struck me… I don’t actually know what she looked like; all I have is her character and her actions. Then I thought more about it and was like… she could like have one eye, an extra finger and webbed feet, and thinking more about it I actually don’t know what any of the women in the Bible looked like, I just made a picture for myself of some amazingly attractive woman when I read Ruth. Why.. well it’s because of what we’re told of her. It seems the woman in the bible are attractive or ugly because of their character, it’s us who imagine them to be good looking because of what we read of them and what they do and say.
I guess my point is this; we’re told that real beauty is on the inside.. many many times, BUT when do we actually understand it. It just struck me that a good way to help people to understand this is to get them to look at those in the Bible they think are “good looking” and ask why. And its not because of their appearance!!
I bought this up the other night and we had a good discussion, people were really jumping on this, we’re all subconsciously doing this to biblical character, Ruth, Sarah Ester (referred to as “a hottie on the loose” by one of my CU girls). It’s like we’re halfway there, we know it but soo often we only look at appearances.
So when we are told about true beauty being our Godly character we should seek it and look for it in our brothers and sisters. And help others break the culture and see what God wants us to see in our Brothers and sisters


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

Good call Jonny!

At 10:27 PM, Blogger big dave said...

That's a really good post! Although the bible does say that Esther was properly beautiful and David was rugged!


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