Sunday, January 29, 2006

So, i've gopt back from Relay II safe and sound (apart from a nasty cold), it would be normal for me to blog about the whole experance.... well i'm still trying to work out excatly what i've been through and what i've learnt so you'll have to stay tuned for that one. However today i finnished Pilgrims progress. I have bveen currently reading this book (which is awesum) and Pilgrims Regress by C. S. Lewis (which is confusing).

There is justy soo much imagry in this book. I'm going to share my faverote bits.

The Cross: Christian escaping the city of destrution is looking for the Celestial City, he travels with a burdan on his back, yet he goes throught he narrow Gate to the Cross where "I saw his burdan fall off and it rolled down the hill inbto a tomb where it was seen no more". Again all our sins and burdens in this life in the shadow of the cross are removed and gone.

Soon after he gets new clothes and a scroll. On the hill of dificulty Christian stops to rest and reads his scroll. I remeber thinking.. I wish i had a scroll or something that i could just pull out to remind me i am saved... well yes as soon as i had said that the sheer ludicoursy of the comment hit home. (for those who havent twigged yet, we do have the bible we can read at any time to tell us we're saved)

Giant Despaire and the Castle of Doubt, Again a powerful image, probably of the situation John Bunyon was in. Christian and his copmpatrate hopeful drift from the path and are locked in Prision. There they are beaten by the gaint and left to Die. The giant tryes to remove all hope from them and tell them to kill themselves. Christian sucumbs and is dispaering and considering killing himself, yet again his friend hopeful is there to encourage him. Eventualy they escape through the key of Promise... how much can dispear be overcome when re remeber and act apon God's promises of salvation.

Lastly the end, when they have to go through the waters to get to the celestiasl city. (i.e Death). They are at the end of the Journey although Christian is going throught he waters and is crying out that he cannot be saved, in his hour of death he looks back and sees his sins and failings and is drowing. Again hopeful is helping him along calling him to remeber God's work and promises of salvation to all, inc Issiah 43 "you will go through the water and they will not wash over you" (one of my fav Bible verses) they emerge on the other bank and enter heaven.

Such a beautiful book, images are there and meaningful For those who havent read it i recomend reading it as i do it little justice in this post.


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