Tuesday, January 17, 2006


So i had a very strange dream the other night i was a police officer and had been assigned to the dog sniffers to look for drugs. K nothing that odd there as i'm applying to the poice force. But Instead of a dog they gave me a ferret, it was a crazy ferret that went around sniffing for drugs.
My questions:
1) do ferrets have a good sense of smell
2) could ferrets be trained for this sort of work
3) what was i eating before i went to sleep!!!
It might sound silly but ferrets are very small and could easy get places dog's couldn't also ferrets are by far cheaper than dogs to maintain.
So am i on a winner here?
Thoughts on a postcard...... alright just leave a comment


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Pop (crap) Psychologist said...

1. Ferrets have an excellent sense of smell

2. Probably not - they have dependency issues

3. I think you have an anxiety about being discovered and a need to confess some hidden secret. this is made clear by the urgency of the search (think: the ferret has become a symbol of finding hidden things - we even have the verb 'to ferret') to find the hidden drugs (a symbol both of addiction and elicit pleasure) and you were playing the police officer (using 'policeman' indicates that you are also a sexist *cheeky grin*) shows that you are taking a higher moral position that the subconscious id: living to a higher standard than the hidden part of you wants to. This is all normal in the wider perspective of life and inidcates and encouraging battle with sin.

Be careful in posting your dreams!

As for whether it is a viable option - ring your local police dog unit (PLEASE do this) and tell them about your dream and make it a suggestion THEN tell us about what they say on the blog - go on, it would be really entertaining.


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