Saturday, January 07, 2006


Howdy all those who read the blog. I’m back to the keyboard after a brief holiday.
So what’s been going on….
Not much and lots.
The holidays have gone by at their wonderfully sedate pace. I’ve had much time for rest, reflection and think forward to next term.
I will briefly share a few pointers here:

MUM: Is slowly recovering from her breast cancer treatment from the summer, she’s going to be singed off work for the foreseeable future and still get very tired but progress is steady but slow. Thank God for that

PRESENTS: The top Christmas presents must be the complete Sharpe DVD set and the complete Band of Brothers, I am enjoying a big testosterone high watching these wonderfully male orientated programmes. Although I think the Sharpe dvd’s have a suspiciously same story, Sharpe get a mission, he faces prejudice and opposition from the other officers, he meets some woman and they develop a relationship. Sharpe saves the day against overwhelming odds, He plays the gentleman and rescues the Lady and nothing happens between them. The wins respect from the officers and kills the baddie. Then ends by him walking up a hill, the music starts playing he turns and looks into the distance and the words start “over the hills and far away”. Love it!

DOGS: Yes, I go on and on but I love my doggies. The puppy (Stan) isn’t really anymore, he’s about 15 months, but is sooo affectionate, he has to sit on you somehow. When we stay up late watching films or TV he will go and lie in his cage and sleep. Although he is still a pain at times, The bigger dog (Sid) is still fat and quite lazy. But there is nothing more relaxing than taking the pair out around the wood near the house

Is going well, lots there who I don’t recognise, there is a sudden explosion of babies, like where did they come from…. Obviously I know where babies come from!!… but there are 3 new babies. Pastors still there doing excellent sermons, and the church carol service was again good.

SNOW: It’s a purely British thing to talk about the weather so here we go.. it snowed, it was fun, I managed to wake my bro up by throwing a snowball in his face, perfect shot!!

WORK: Forward planning for next term, its taking shape.

In case you didn’t know its on the 18th of this month!! Hint hint
I’ve updated my other blog with a set of resources, why not have a look!!!

sex, society and the single christian. I hope to add more througout the term as i write up what i've studied.


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