Monday, December 05, 2005

Mens Ministry

so this saterday i had a few lads from Cu around for breakfast, lots of yummy roasted meat and eggs etc. It was a sucess. Unfortunalty i was rather convicted that i hadnt put enough effort into the study but some intresting pionts were raised.
We talked about, masculinity and the church/CU how do we feel and act being men? do we become more efeminate? And a short look at 2 peter ch 5 charaterisitcs of the young christian male: humble, self controlled, and alert. Yeah like men are that. Looking at the nature of the devil looking for someone to devour, after much talk with sam (Realy portsmouth) and loking at the greek, this is probably general teach, it could be teaching directled specificly at men (with general aplications), However why do our churches lack young christian men? why are those that fall away so often men? i think there is a direct challange here to christian men, BEWARE ! it is said lone rangers are dead rangers , indeed how true. Men are the least likely to go ask for help, its not in our nature (fallen nature), we are not likely to admit defeat or that we struggle, its not manly. hence if we get no support, how much likely is the devil to devour us !
Aplication, Accountabilty groups! its a time for men to be men with each other, sorry ladies you can be a great help and encouragement to us, but somehtings you wont understand or be able how to help us, likewise we cant help you in everything either.
The intresting comments that came out was from two of them who said that since the female housemate had left the felt more comfortable in the house and with each other. The third guest also said it was good to be away from the girls so that we could be more ourselves with each other.
SO WHAT??? Mens ministry, get into it get involved in it, if there isnt any start it. Just be men with each other and be open with each other, look at what the bible says, look to exhort/encourage each other to get the vision and aplly the bible to each others lives. AND PRAY !!! 1 peter 5 vs 7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. "
These mens breakfasts are something i hope to continue next term to help encourage male students to seek to be more chirstlike in an enviroment they can be real, honest and seeking. Its not hard, you can do it too!


At 7:58 PM, Blogger hatchris said...

Hey Jonny, just found your blog!

Sounds like some good stuff going on.
I always say it's important not to get so used to separating men and women that we forget how to relate to the opposite sex - and I think we should only spend time in single gender groups when we are talking about issues specific to men, perhaps of a very personal nature.

That said it's great to look specifically at being a Christian man - the world tries to tell us that everyone is equal, and in some ways it is true but we can't lose sight of the fact that men and women are not the same - we have different needs, different problems, different attitudes.

Interesting question, isn't it: Why is it largely the young men that are not in church, and where else are they?!

At 8:01 PM, Blogger hatchris said...


Worth adding that despite my initial doubt at the need for such a weekend, the two lads weekends away I went on with CU were amongst the best weekends of their kind I have ever spent.

I feel it helped people be themselves, and shed a few of the supposed manly virtues we don't really need.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Jonny:) said...

Hi dude
good to hear from you. no i'm not seprating guy's and dolls what i mean is you can get guys to open up and this is to supliment whats going on, yes we need to relate to our sisters and thats good, but how do we learn and how do we biuld character? these things are hard to do together and can be better handeled in same sex groups. Its just something i did and i think many CVui and churches can benifit from if they took the step


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