Friday, December 02, 2005

Bruce almighty:

So Sunday afternoon I was stuck between having a nap and watching a film, I decided to put a film on and go to sleep, however as much of my collection is quite loud I put on Bruce almighty. It is really hard to fall asleep in front of this as it has many good points.

First, guidance There is a scene at the start where Bruce is praying asking God to do something, show him a sign, her passes two signposts and a truck of signs then crashes. I thought, how much like that are we? We keep praying and asking for the big miraculous signs yet don’t see them. They are either right in front of our faces, often in the bible, or we are ignoring them because we don’t want to listen to God, as he isn’t saying what we want him to say.

Second: God’s work/will. If you watch the deleted scenes they are quite interesting. When Bruce finally admits he cant be God, God is caring and talking to him, Bruce says “I thought if I gave everyone what they want they would be happy”, God replies “since when do people know what they want?” Obviously a rhetorical question, it’s a good point, how often do we think I want this, how much more does God know what we want. The deleted scenes are of three different characters who Bruce helps, God show them the characters and what they are doing after they had been helped. Open was a bullied kid, who Bruce makes stronger, he turns into a bulky himself, God explains that this kid was going to be a great poet, his muse was his childhood pains, instead now he is strong he becomes a bully and will end up in prison. Interesting thoughts again, how often do we ask for the wrong things or think we know best (the whole concept of the film!). God is God. We are not, yet he knows all and knows what is going to be best for us.

Finally submission. The most amazing scene of the film is Bruce walking in the rain when everything has fallen down around him, he wanted to be God ad realises that he cant. He himself is too fallible and doesn’t understand or can’t make the “no” choices in peoples lives. He cries out, “you win I submit”. This is humility, something we all need. The whole point of the cross is that we cant do it, we cant be right with God, by turning to Christ we admit we cant do it and we submit to Christ and his work. Likewise when we are Christians we often forget this, this is a good thing to remember.


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