Friday, December 16, 2005

Penitent Poem

God I’ve had enough of running
I am empty, spent unfulfilled
Lord my feet have been wayward
I’ve sought paths that are not yours
I’ve travelled wide and easy ways
My mind and heart have turned away from you
My inner being raged against you

Lord renew my heart, I want to come back
Lord to be in you, my rock, my anchor for my soul
Lord to be in you, my protection and hiding place
Lord to be in you, you refresh my soul

Lord thank you for the Cross
Those rough wooden beams that from a doorway to you
Under that foolish message, I find salvation and wisdom
Lord I can do nothing! Please let me remain
Lord I desire nothing else! Please let me remain
Lord you have promised salvation to me,
So here I remain
Writtern in response to Guilt within and the promises of the faithful God to forgive those who come to Him.


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