Saturday, December 10, 2005


At long last it has arived on the screen, and already causing a stir, is it christian is it not is it the chirstmas blockbuster is it better than harry potter... What is undeniable is lots of people are talking about it.
So Dysney got the film, and they kept the christan message/allogory (The bit about the cross !!)
What were my thoughts, yes it was good, a nice family film that keeps the intrest., And yes it has the basics of the cross there so it can be used as an evangelistic tool. Graphic were good, and the humour and language was done so that it keep the 1940's feel of the book yet was made relevent to children today, none of tis "oh you beast edmund" .

However some musings:

The film seems to be mostly about the children fullfilling prophercy, about the winter ending and the focus is them and thier quest. Aslan is a secondary character to them. Not much is explained about who he is, apart from King of the Woods, where the books are more direct with thier links between Aslan and Jesus, (son of the emporer acrioss the see) much of this is missed out. Partly due to tranferance across to screen as much you cant communicate from the books.

Edmund is a much more sypmathtic character in the film, at the start he is told off for getting a phot of his father, and much of his bad behaviour is (in the film) due to his father not being there and fighting in the war, the other sibling do not understand this and are harsh on him. Where as the books the children are harsh there is an element of Edmund being much more malicious that is realy not there. You realy feel nothing but sympathy from the start for edmund in the film

This is intresting. In the film she is the viouce of reason and logic. As she is in the books. For some reason she seemed as not to realy click in the film, she always seemd a bit removed and only related to the other children. You almost get the sense that she belives because the other children do. I have some thouht if this is dilberate because of what happens in the last battle. if you have not read that book look away now !! As susan does not go to heaven (she turns her back on narnia) i wonder if they are making her character less likable more antagonistic to soften the blow? this was the issue that made Philip pullman write his books.

A child actor who looks about 4, k bit harsh but she does alright. However you do almost expect her head to rotate 360 degree a la exocist and start vomiting.... k that was a less serrious random thought i had whilst watching to end this ramble


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