Thursday, February 09, 2006

Alternate valentines:

So it's the 14th and your your housemates are out doing.. well you dont want to think about that. What oh what can you do.....

This is an idea for you to try, i've done it before and worked wonders.

1) Get your mates

2) Get a selction of real ales / 6 pack of stella

3) Watch Saving private Ryan (or the Rock, Full metal Jacket, Platoon)

This is a garenteed way to cheer you up with a testostorne overdose and relise that desire of camardre, brotherhood, standing firm in the face of adversity and shooting the facless enemy (well k maybe not that last)

if that doesnt work, i've also spent valentines day doing army training with the cadets on a week long course, nothing like early mornings, cooked breakfasts and shouting to push those valentines day blues out your head. Although signing up to the army just to escape Valentines day may be a little excessive and i'm not recomending it.


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