Monday, March 06, 2006

Car river time queen hat run look hurt dog victory moon jump yucky deacon insomnia goggle phone red zoo cow plod grumble dial cook week saw wash need thing truck win loose depth war murder ball table snooker tennis lawn grow twist shrink pills dot quickly six snort slug shooter board bored bed sleep need tired gun draw paint jump high low wide side mice cat house out in cricket dish plate tea set dinner silver gold bronze trampoline lips kiss love fight hit thump divorce separation kids mess issues tissues couch crouch crawl trawl fish tuna dolphins miss aliens ships ports sailors warriors soldiers green blue purple orange Wellington napoleon TOO waterloo talavierea poiters crecy bludge rimes Germany knight day MANY bright sun grass smoke pub drink addiction flew window goose kettle WORDS tea coffee slaves cotton shirt tie minister font church pope pipe preach trees forest black dark haunted mansion family ghost show direct guide dictate Stalin Hitler acorn Volkswagen Audi audit tax prison shower walks bars doors locks hair blonde brunette flare topper sea waves storms tsunami devastation terror horror fear weeping scared scar blood fire ice water meek bless steam burn burning flames wind snow bite biting white blind brail hail boils goats ale cheese wine California beach part sex pregnant birth life new cutting edge bleep megabyte gig Microsoft LIFE Apple banana kiwi Australia desert dessert sweet yum chocolate endorphins gorge gluttony IS seven ninety nine millennium frumpy end days madness tranquillity absence lack alone NOT A fulfilled water lake mountains trees solitude company drowning voices noise loud faces SERMON invasion riot rebellion sin forty eight forty two meaning purpose questions searching seeking eyes heart bones lungs lymph enzymes bile mouth speak language barriers racism intimidation friend soul salvation free law grace Jonah Joel jezebel Ahab mobey dick two thousand leagues under the sea Frankenstein Dracula pride and prejudice Emma Shirley Doris Jo Joe pill bill LIFE waiter price biomechanics steak rare well done medal prize praise race work computer IS NOT A internet fact fiction banks music world fingertips sore caravan pained broken trouble BOOK wounded healthy wealthy rich planes trains and automobiles lies deceit helmet movement march drill carpenter plumber leak leek potatoes mash boiled fried egg scrambled chicken soup grilled tried tested exams stress sweat blood tears flee fast unhesitatingly away now impedingly safety castle fortress rock hidey-hole cubby hole black hole white hole unknown unexplored unglimpced uncomprehended out there waiting patiently quietly roaring lion teeth toothbrush LIVE toothpaste LIFE broom knives pan salt pepper spices curry India Africa America England London father mother son daughter family together sunshine cheese table arm-wrestle moon duck tired slaughter energised shower jelly mobile


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