Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wandering wandering
Through fields dark and grey
Amberling amberling
Ignoring the call to obey
Strolling strolling
Going on in my own way
Shepherdles and kingless
Vagabond, rebel, astray

Light shines into my darkness
Grey turns into black and white

Accountable accountable
I’m lost I’m dammed I’m dead
My life laid bare before me
Before the judge, the court, the king
My wretched deeds, my wretched life
My sins transgressions crimes
The things I’ve done, the things I’ve said
The wrong thoughts, oh my lord I am dead

What hope have I?
To who can I cry?

Again the light shines back on me
And bids me listen to his voice

Visions, pictures, words, flash before my eyes
A babe, a man, a rough cruel cross
A death, another dead instead of me

A life a life
The tomb is empty now

A promise a promise
If I would follow him
If I would turn from my wretched ways
And make Christ Jesus my king

The slate is clean, the price is paid
My crimes on him were laid

I walk a new path, narrow, straight and true
Where all will become perfectly made anew

I wonder I wonder
Why all this for undeserving me?


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