Sunday, March 19, 2006

Must Love Dogs ??!??
Friday night back home is the usual film time. So we ended up watching “must love dogs”. John Cusack and someone else. The basic plot is two divorcees meet and fall in love something happens in the middle but they resolve it yadda yadda yadda. Film starts with them both being set up by “well meaning” relations, kinda funny. It ends up with them being posted on internet dating by their friends, her profile has under it “must love dogs” hence the title.

HOWEVER despite the comedy moments and Cusack’s great on screen presence I have a bone to pick with the film. THERE ARE NO DOGS !!! Well I tell a lie, there are about 3 scenes in which she has her dog, who does steal the show. But for a film that seems to be about Dogs its not. Do not be deceived.

I was hoping for something along the lines, of:
Girl meets Guy, :)
Girl meets Guy’s dog, :/
Girl and guy get together, yet have dog related tensions :-o
Girls says “it’s me or the dog”, > :-l
Guy looks at his hound and then at her and says “on your bike”. :S
Guy and girl break up, :(
time passes in which girl has life revelation about dogs after either being saved by one or watches lassie or deals with her inbuilt child phobias and comes to a pro-dog realisation of her stupidly and decides to go back to the guy (still working on this)
Girl and Guy meet, girl apologises to the dog about her comments and dog related ahtred and asks whether the dog would mind her getting back with her master
The dog barks his approval "woof"
They kiss at sunset on the beach/dog park (guessing beach)
The end

Like Lassie meets pride and predjudice with a little bit of bridget jones thrown in.

(feedback apreacated)

It was a good film but it did not deal with any of the issues that dogs and the love of dogs bring to relationships. I mean when I say “must love dogs” (which I do) it is a serious thing, right up there after: must be a godly Christian and a girl (whose not related to me or married), no 3 is must love dogs. This film that seemed to promise to speak to me on many levels infact lacked all the levels i was looking for, I was betrayed by the media! I was very glad Cusack was there to redeem the feature, as well as Cheryl Crow on the soundtrack.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

dude, have you watched the truth about cats and dogs with uma thurman and ben chaplin. lots of dogs in that!

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Jonny:) said...

Yup seen that one and the dog is good in that.

Was discussing this the other day there realy arnt many non-kids films that has a dog as a main part in the film. I realy should do this for all the cinema going dog loving people out there


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